Segunda-feira, 9 de Maio de 2011

perdidos na tribo

Hello girls! I was expected to make a post today with the gifts offered to me and I post the seal now, but tomorrow I'll have my first test and as I said earlier, I want my grades up despite having no negative, so I'll leave that kind of posts per weekend which is when I have more time. In addition to already have a test tomorrow, I also have two jobs to do and read a book to Portuguese.

Yesterday was the debut of the "Lost in the Tribe" and I can say only one thing: shit myself laughing with the figures of Joseph Castelo Branco:

1 When the car was going and already delayed, was going to constantly complain to your driver;

2 When there came the lords of the tribe had to carry him on her lap because he could not walk with their heels;

3 When reached the place where it was going to stay (sleeping, eating, etc.) and all the people came running, 'sullied-no' all the lands there with them (women mess in the body);

4 They took him to a 'dormitory' (tent) of women, thinking he was female. From what I've heard them say in the next episode, the women there, you will feel the 'harmonica' ... oh mama heaven!


I just came here because I'm on my break from study and sorry again for not doing walking around interesting posts.

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De Teen Girl a 9 de Maio de 2011 às 22:15
Não me interesso muito por programas portugueses,e por isso não vi...
Porque fizeste o post em "English"?


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